Friday, November 18, 2011

(Un)Believable Ignorance ~ stole this from a friends (and former roomate at the college in question) facebook page.

Its nearly 2012 and we have made little to no progress towards tolerance in the world. As an intelligent, free thinking, rational person, I can not fathom the thought processes of some people. What makes a person so hateful? How do people become so racist and only see color, and not the fact that its just another person? A simple answer? Parents. Kids learn this behavior from their parents, and if its not a direct result of a parents racism, its their indifference to others racism that allows it to continue. How, in 2012, at a College campus does this happen. Im sad. It breaks my heart to think about the person that did this, and it breaks my heart that my daughter will grow up in a world where this exists. All I can do as her mom, is teach her. Teach her that racism is not acceptable, teach her to love others and be kind (within reason, obviously), teach her to stick up for those that need her too. I want her to know and understand that this kind of behavior is just not ok. Its childish, its hurtful, and its wrong. I want situations like this to make her as angry as they make me and I want her to never back down from something she believes in. I know that it is very rare that a person's mind can be changed: people born into racist beliefs will likely always feel that way. Thats why we need to start from scratch, teach our children the RIGHT path to take.

Im really angry and frustrated right now, having read this article just minutes before I wrote this. Hopefully it makes sense...

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