Monday, January 23, 2017

They marched.

Some mornings I wake up and my head is already spinning with words I need to get out and I know that by the time I get a moment (my lunch break) I'll never remember everything I need to say.  Social Media is ruining me because there is so much hate and bullshit...the stupid memes about how "women's rights weren't taken away"  or "democrats should spend more time feeding the homeless and less time protesting", or "millennials are crybaby snowflakes" (that one is just old and played out at this point people".  And really, it's bullshit. I mean,

Something AMAZING happened this past weekend.  Millions...MILLIONS of men and women rallied and protested and people don't get it.  "What are they even protesting?" "They are a bunch of idiots"...or my personal favorite - "Republicans never protested/rioted after Obama was president, we were too busy working"..and if you really believe that, we've got bigger problems, b/c there were plenty of irate people out there rioted, beating people, making death threats etc.  But here is the difference...the people that were out there upset about Obama were upset b/c he was BLACK.  They lit nooses on fire and sprawled racist words on peoples houses and cars.  The people that were out on Saturday at the (many many many) Women's marches were doing so because we've elected a scumbag to be President.  These men and women marched b/c they know, and want their sons and daughters to know, that its not ok to grab women by the pussy, or kiss them whenever you want, or demand dinner be on the table, or get bored when a woman becomes successful, or mock the disabled, or call someone a derogatory name based on their ethnicity, or call women fat cows, or bitches.  Think about this:  Kids go to school. The teacher of the class is the person in charge, the role model.  How many of you would be ok if your child came home and said "My teacher says its ok to grab a girl by the pussy"?  or "My teacher called me Miss. Piggy" or "My teacher said we should have expected sexual harassment in the military", "My teacher said POW's are not war hero's", "My teacher said blacks are lazy"...I could go on and on.  We wouldn't allow a teacher to talk to his or her class like that, so why, WHY is it ok for the PRESIDENT OF THE WHOLE UNITED STATES???  And why do the folks who voted for him not get it?  You know he's said all of this and MORE...why are you ok with that.

The men and women who marched, marched because everyone in the LGBT community is a HUMAN just like you and they deserve the same rights as you.  They deserve to be treated like people, and they certainly deserve to have marital rights.

These people marched because a woman deserves to decided what is right for her body.  I know this is a touchy subject, abortion, but if you don't believe in them, you don't get them.  Leave everyone else alone.  Why should a woman who was raped be forced to have a child?  Why should a woman who is on birth control b/c she DOESN'T WANT A BABY YET be forced to have a child if she becomes pregnant?  Why should a women who doesn't have access to affordable birth control be forces to have a baby if she is not ready?  WHY is it the woman's responsibility to control all of this.  A man can get a woman pregnant and just leave...he can make the choice to not be a father, why is a woman not granted that same right?  A before you say "well, if she doesn't want to get pregnant, she shouldn't have sex", please think. Men can have sex and not worry about any of the repercussions, why is that alright with everyone?  What about married couples that don't want children...sorry no sex for you.  It makes no sense...

This march was about so much.  When the person in charge of the country says its ok to sexually assault women b/c you are rich, you don't just let that stand.  When he wants to take healthcare away from people who's lives depend on it, you don't let that stand.  When he cares more about media coverage and tweeting (horrible things about people), you don't just let it stand.  When he wants to take away the rights of women, and the LGBT community who are part of this great country he has inherited, you don't let it stand.  When he chooses people for his cabinet that are wildly unqualified, you don't let it stand...and so they marched.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

When they go low...we go high.

It seemed like this was a test, with a really long wait time in between the retake.  And we flunked.  So now we have 4 years to study, learn, and try harder next time.  But when I read that Hillary will most likely take the popular vote, I have hope that this country isn't as screwed up as it would seem. So I had to take a deep breath, and remember that when they go low, we go high.  I urge you all to do the same.  Take a deep breath and decide how you will proceed over the next 4 years.  Decide what you can and will do to make sure this doesn't happen again.  We've elected a man who is on record saying racist, sexist things.  Bragging about sexually assaulting women.  Mocking people with disabilites. Saying we need to close our borders when our entire existence in America is built on immigrants.

What will you do about this?

I'm going to spend every second I have making sure my daughters know that those behaviors are NOT ACCEPTABLE.  I'll spend every second fighting any policy or policy change I don't agree with. Making sure we continue to make strides in marriage equality, race relations, and hopefully not backtracking our society into an early grave.  Focus on what you CAN do...

When they go low, we go high.

Try to remember that there are millions out there like us...that believe in a world where rape culture isn't propagated.  That believe that love is love.  That believe in helping people better themselves here.  That believe in women!  A woman's right to her body, her right to be paid the same as her male counterparts, her right to not have her pussy grabbed 'BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE IT'.  Educate your sons and daughters...please... on love and acceptance and respect.

When they go low, we go high.

Insults will get you no where... let your mind, your knowledge, help us get through this seemingly dark time.  Because the people that call you names for choosing a qualified candidate are not equipped to make a real change.  We are.  We are stronger together.  So help me, help each other, to not only get through this, but to make sure we don't let progress slip.  Be good to each other, love one another.  Love trumps hate.  always.

Friday, July 8, 2016

This world we live in

It's falling apart.  Have you noticed?  People can have their opinions on why, and how, it's happening, but the fact is it doesn't matter.  What matters is that it is happening, every day.  I've heard people say it's "the gays" bringing down the institution of marriage, that are the cause.  I've heard people say it's "the guns", "the minorities", "the millennials", "the homeless", "the liberals", "the conservatives", "the muslims", "the christians"... I'ts always "them".  The thing is we are all "them".  The one thing, the one constant thing, that is bringing us down is Hate.  

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” 
―Maya Angelou

Everyone's head is so far up their own ass, that all they can do is place blame on whatever group of people they hate most for the world crashing down around us.  There is so much hatred in this country right now, and everyday there are physical acts of violence that prove it.  "United we stand, divided we fall"?  Has that ever been more true?  When will we realized that violence breeds violence, hate breeds hate; that you can't combat fire with fire?  

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -------Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is no longer a strong nation.  We are crumbling, we are broken, and it's because we have become so full of anger, and revenge.  People are at their weakest when they are angry.  We've taken the easy way out, we no longer have what it takes to fight for our own country.  It's far easier to hate, than to love and forgive, and yet that is what we so desperately need right now.  We need compassion, we need understanding.  What we need (here is the ECE teacher in me) is for everyone to take a damn deep breath and focus.

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” 
―Booker T. Washington

I don't have a solution other than not going along for the ride down.  I won't spiral with the rest of you.  I know there is goodness left, even if we don't see it as much as the darkness.  I see it everyday, in my children, in the people I choose to surround myself with.  My goal is to educate my children, to fill them with enough love and compassion, and resilience to carry them through this world, to be better than we are now.  Kindness is an incredibly powerful tool, but right now so many people are refusing to use it.  We are deteriorating, and every hateful person, committing every hateful act are throwing fuel on this fire.  

“Spread love, joy and compassion because the world needs it, for hatred and pain need no escort; they know how to survive without it.” 
Radhika Mundra

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Heather for President 2020

I'm thinking about running for President, and because I am a millennial, I figure I'll use social media and blogging to get the word out.  Oh, and of course I'll need a Gofundme account to raise the fees to even get on the all 50 states for the best outcome.  I'll hopefully raise enough additional funds to have t-shirts and buttons made for all of my supporters.  The next thing I'll need to do is figure out which political party I align with, though what I'd really like to do is create my own.  Republicratic?  Demolican?  Everyone is way to ONE sided these days and I don't think I want my platform to be so singular.

First and foremost, do I meet the requirements to run?

1.  Citizen of the USA?            Check, I was born here (as were my parents)- good to go.
2.  Lived here for 14+ years?   Check.  My whole life.
3.  At least 35 years of age?     Check.  I'd be the youngest president ever elected, but I meet the requirement.

Other things in my favor:  I've taken public speaking classes (my BA is in Interpersonal Communication).  I have no criminal record.  I'm not a douche bag.

Ok, now for the good stuff:  my campaign.  Here are my stances on some hot topic issues:

Immigration:  Come here LEGALLY.  Speak, or learn to speak, English.  Get a job and pay taxes, like everyone else.

Same-Sex Marriage:  Why is this still an issue?  No one elses marriage should matter to you, but your own.  Grow up and get over it.  Thanks.

Education:  Please, dear lord, tell me why teachers get paid so little in comparison to many other jobs.  Years and years (and years) of education are required, they are subject to unnecessary, and
unattainable goals, and we treat them like crap.  Furthermore, can we get some funding in ECE??  THOSE teachers are also REQUIRED by some states to be highly educated, but yet they get treated like babysitters.

Gun Control:  Stupid people with guns kill people, not the guns.  Can we have Stupid people control?  In all seriousness, stricter policies on purchases are definitely in order.

Taxes:  Wealthy people should pay higher taxes.  #sorrynotsorry.  I'm a teacher, I can't afford taxes.

Terrorism:  I'm going to pass this issue off to be handled by the "First Gentleman", Eric Pilletere.

Who's going to vote for me???

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tattoos and God

Ok, I know this is a pretty touchy subject for some people.  There are the "devout" who think that I (and my husband, and siblings, and most of my friends) will be taking a trip "downtown" when we die, and then there are the others.  Let me be clear:  I DO believe in God.  100%.  But I dont subscribe to organized religion (despite being  raised in a Roman Catholic family) as I think it is responsible (through its followers) for a lot of hate.  I respect religion and absolutely see that it has a place in society, but I prefer my own spin on God.  I truly believe that being a good person, and educating myself, and being tolerant, and accepting is more important than whether or not someone has tattoos.  Call me crazy.  Alot of what I have found/heard as far as arguments from Christians against tattoos is " Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you..." Leviticus 19:28.  I need to point out that 1. this is from the old testament, and 2. it referred to pagans who, at the time, practiced cutting and "tattooing" their dead to appease their God.  Now, the old testament also had some other "rules" that I doubt many Christians follow or consider a sin, such as "...Neither shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you" Lev. 19:19 or "You shall not eat anything with the blood" Lev. 19:26 (ummmm, helloooo, filet mignon medium rare please).  Its hypocrisy to pick and choose what you want to enforce from your bible.  Times have changed and the people getting tattoos are not pagans worshiping satan.  We are normal everyone else.  Some of us are believers and some are not.  Some of us are good people, and some are not...but it has nothing to do with our ink.  I think what these "Christians" who damn us to hell for tattoos are forgetting are some essentials of being Christian.  "Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God" Rom. 15:7,  "Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification" Rom. 14:19.  It is really sad for me, as a mother now, to still see so much hate in the world.  It's very important to me that my daughter grows up to think for herself and judge people on their character and heart rather than their skin.  Its important to me that she have faith in something, but not so blindly that she judges others on ridiculous notions that just don't apply anymore.  I want her to see that her mom is a good woman, mother, wife, who yes, has tattoos, but treats others with respect, has a strong work ethic and good morals.  I don't every want her to be that kid (and yes this really happened with another child and a friend of mine) that walks up to someone and says "you are not going to heaven because God doesn't like tattoos"...  I think there are far more important lessons we could be teaching our children.  If Reilly decides to get a tattoo one day, I will love her just as much as I have since the day I found out I was having her.  Imagine if we all starting being really Christian and accepting others for who they are and not what you see on the outside.  My tattoos don't make me a bad person, they don't make me a bad mother, they dont stop me from being awesome at my job, they don't make me less intelligent.  They aren't harming anyone, so, what is the big deal?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on life in general

I know I've been waiting eagerly, yearning even, for a new post from yours truly. Well, Im alive! The Holiday season was a crazy whirlwind...lots of work to prepare for the week off i had, lots of treats from families at our school, lots of lbs gained, and a lot of family fun back east. On a side note, I didnt accomplish the number of Random Acts of Kindness I had planned, but I did get a few fun things done. Funny story, I tried to by coffee for someone at starbucks while inside and the person was confused, and pretty much refused my good deed. Lesson learned ~ tried it at the drive thru on the next go round :) I also baked cookies and left them at random neighbors doors... tried to smile more at people (instead of what I usually do; avoid any eye contact so no one will bother me). Its not much, but its a start.

So, the holidays are over, Im back at work. Reilly is WALKING! She is doing wonderfully, chatting up a storm, repeating everything, and she is just such a happy baby...excuse me, toddler. Her teachers always tell me how smart she is...but I havent decided if they are just sucking up to me b/c I'm their boss! Just Kidding! She is SUPER smart, and I know EVERYONE probably thinks that about their kid, but smart.

Eric has been home for a couple of months now, and I finally feel like we have found our groove again...and its awesome having him here and watching him with Reilly. She loves him so much! Life is good people...Life is good.

Friday, November 18, 2011

(Un)Believable Ignorance ~ stole this from a friends (and former roomate at the college in question) facebook page.

Its nearly 2012 and we have made little to no progress towards tolerance in the world. As an intelligent, free thinking, rational person, I can not fathom the thought processes of some people. What makes a person so hateful? How do people become so racist and only see color, and not the fact that its just another person? A simple answer? Parents. Kids learn this behavior from their parents, and if its not a direct result of a parents racism, its their indifference to others racism that allows it to continue. How, in 2012, at a College campus does this happen. Im sad. It breaks my heart to think about the person that did this, and it breaks my heart that my daughter will grow up in a world where this exists. All I can do as her mom, is teach her. Teach her that racism is not acceptable, teach her to love others and be kind (within reason, obviously), teach her to stick up for those that need her too. I want her to know and understand that this kind of behavior is just not ok. Its childish, its hurtful, and its wrong. I want situations like this to make her as angry as they make me and I want her to never back down from something she believes in. I know that it is very rare that a person's mind can be changed: people born into racist beliefs will likely always feel that way. Thats why we need to start from scratch, teach our children the RIGHT path to take.

Im really angry and frustrated right now, having read this article just minutes before I wrote this. Hopefully it makes sense...