Monday, January 23, 2017

They marched.

Some mornings I wake up and my head is already spinning with words I need to get out and I know that by the time I get a moment (my lunch break) I'll never remember everything I need to say.  Social Media is ruining me because there is so much hate and bullshit...the stupid memes about how "women's rights weren't taken away"  or "democrats should spend more time feeding the homeless and less time protesting", or "millennials are crybaby snowflakes" (that one is just old and played out at this point people".  And really, it's bullshit. I mean,

Something AMAZING happened this past weekend.  Millions...MILLIONS of men and women rallied and protested and people don't get it.  "What are they even protesting?" "They are a bunch of idiots"...or my personal favorite - "Republicans never protested/rioted after Obama was president, we were too busy working"..and if you really believe that, we've got bigger problems, b/c there were plenty of irate people out there rioted, beating people, making death threats etc.  But here is the difference...the people that were out there upset about Obama were upset b/c he was BLACK.  They lit nooses on fire and sprawled racist words on peoples houses and cars.  The people that were out on Saturday at the (many many many) Women's marches were doing so because we've elected a scumbag to be President.  These men and women marched b/c they know, and want their sons and daughters to know, that its not ok to grab women by the pussy, or kiss them whenever you want, or demand dinner be on the table, or get bored when a woman becomes successful, or mock the disabled, or call someone a derogatory name based on their ethnicity, or call women fat cows, or bitches.  Think about this:  Kids go to school. The teacher of the class is the person in charge, the role model.  How many of you would be ok if your child came home and said "My teacher says its ok to grab a girl by the pussy"?  or "My teacher called me Miss. Piggy" or "My teacher said we should have expected sexual harassment in the military", "My teacher said POW's are not war hero's", "My teacher said blacks are lazy"...I could go on and on.  We wouldn't allow a teacher to talk to his or her class like that, so why, WHY is it ok for the PRESIDENT OF THE WHOLE UNITED STATES???  And why do the folks who voted for him not get it?  You know he's said all of this and MORE...why are you ok with that.

The men and women who marched, marched because everyone in the LGBT community is a HUMAN just like you and they deserve the same rights as you.  They deserve to be treated like people, and they certainly deserve to have marital rights.

These people marched because a woman deserves to decided what is right for her body.  I know this is a touchy subject, abortion, but if you don't believe in them, you don't get them.  Leave everyone else alone.  Why should a woman who was raped be forced to have a child?  Why should a woman who is on birth control b/c she DOESN'T WANT A BABY YET be forced to have a child if she becomes pregnant?  Why should a women who doesn't have access to affordable birth control be forces to have a baby if she is not ready?  WHY is it the woman's responsibility to control all of this.  A man can get a woman pregnant and just leave...he can make the choice to not be a father, why is a woman not granted that same right?  A before you say "well, if she doesn't want to get pregnant, she shouldn't have sex", please think. Men can have sex and not worry about any of the repercussions, why is that alright with everyone?  What about married couples that don't want children...sorry no sex for you.  It makes no sense...

This march was about so much.  When the person in charge of the country says its ok to sexually assault women b/c you are rich, you don't just let that stand.  When he wants to take healthcare away from people who's lives depend on it, you don't let that stand.  When he cares more about media coverage and tweeting (horrible things about people), you don't just let it stand.  When he wants to take away the rights of women, and the LGBT community who are part of this great country he has inherited, you don't let it stand.  When he chooses people for his cabinet that are wildly unqualified, you don't let it stand...and so they marched.

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