Wednesday, November 9, 2016

When they go low...we go high.

It seemed like this was a test, with a really long wait time in between the retake.  And we flunked.  So now we have 4 years to study, learn, and try harder next time.  But when I read that Hillary will most likely take the popular vote, I have hope that this country isn't as screwed up as it would seem. So I had to take a deep breath, and remember that when they go low, we go high.  I urge you all to do the same.  Take a deep breath and decide how you will proceed over the next 4 years.  Decide what you can and will do to make sure this doesn't happen again.  We've elected a man who is on record saying racist, sexist things.  Bragging about sexually assaulting women.  Mocking people with disabilites. Saying we need to close our borders when our entire existence in America is built on immigrants.

What will you do about this?

I'm going to spend every second I have making sure my daughters know that those behaviors are NOT ACCEPTABLE.  I'll spend every second fighting any policy or policy change I don't agree with. Making sure we continue to make strides in marriage equality, race relations, and hopefully not backtracking our society into an early grave.  Focus on what you CAN do...

When they go low, we go high.

Try to remember that there are millions out there like us...that believe in a world where rape culture isn't propagated.  That believe that love is love.  That believe in helping people better themselves here.  That believe in women!  A woman's right to her body, her right to be paid the same as her male counterparts, her right to not have her pussy grabbed 'BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE IT'.  Educate your sons and daughters...please... on love and acceptance and respect.

When they go low, we go high.

Insults will get you no where... let your mind, your knowledge, help us get through this seemingly dark time.  Because the people that call you names for choosing a qualified candidate are not equipped to make a real change.  We are.  We are stronger together.  So help me, help each other, to not only get through this, but to make sure we don't let progress slip.  Be good to each other, love one another.  Love trumps hate.  always.

Friday, July 8, 2016

This world we live in

It's falling apart.  Have you noticed?  People can have their opinions on why, and how, it's happening, but the fact is it doesn't matter.  What matters is that it is happening, every day.  I've heard people say it's "the gays" bringing down the institution of marriage, that are the cause.  I've heard people say it's "the guns", "the minorities", "the millennials", "the homeless", "the liberals", "the conservatives", "the muslims", "the christians"... I'ts always "them".  The thing is we are all "them".  The one thing, the one constant thing, that is bringing us down is Hate.  

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” 
―Maya Angelou

Everyone's head is so far up their own ass, that all they can do is place blame on whatever group of people they hate most for the world crashing down around us.  There is so much hatred in this country right now, and everyday there are physical acts of violence that prove it.  "United we stand, divided we fall"?  Has that ever been more true?  When will we realized that violence breeds violence, hate breeds hate; that you can't combat fire with fire?  

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -------Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is no longer a strong nation.  We are crumbling, we are broken, and it's because we have become so full of anger, and revenge.  People are at their weakest when they are angry.  We've taken the easy way out, we no longer have what it takes to fight for our own country.  It's far easier to hate, than to love and forgive, and yet that is what we so desperately need right now.  We need compassion, we need understanding.  What we need (here is the ECE teacher in me) is for everyone to take a damn deep breath and focus.

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” 
―Booker T. Washington

I don't have a solution other than not going along for the ride down.  I won't spiral with the rest of you.  I know there is goodness left, even if we don't see it as much as the darkness.  I see it everyday, in my children, in the people I choose to surround myself with.  My goal is to educate my children, to fill them with enough love and compassion, and resilience to carry them through this world, to be better than we are now.  Kindness is an incredibly powerful tool, but right now so many people are refusing to use it.  We are deteriorating, and every hateful person, committing every hateful act are throwing fuel on this fire.  

“Spread love, joy and compassion because the world needs it, for hatred and pain need no escort; they know how to survive without it.” 
Radhika Mundra

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Heather for President 2020

I'm thinking about running for President, and because I am a millennial, I figure I'll use social media and blogging to get the word out.  Oh, and of course I'll need a Gofundme account to raise the fees to even get on the all 50 states for the best outcome.  I'll hopefully raise enough additional funds to have t-shirts and buttons made for all of my supporters.  The next thing I'll need to do is figure out which political party I align with, though what I'd really like to do is create my own.  Republicratic?  Demolican?  Everyone is way to ONE sided these days and I don't think I want my platform to be so singular.

First and foremost, do I meet the requirements to run?

1.  Citizen of the USA?            Check, I was born here (as were my parents)- good to go.
2.  Lived here for 14+ years?   Check.  My whole life.
3.  At least 35 years of age?     Check.  I'd be the youngest president ever elected, but I meet the requirement.

Other things in my favor:  I've taken public speaking classes (my BA is in Interpersonal Communication).  I have no criminal record.  I'm not a douche bag.

Ok, now for the good stuff:  my campaign.  Here are my stances on some hot topic issues:

Immigration:  Come here LEGALLY.  Speak, or learn to speak, English.  Get a job and pay taxes, like everyone else.

Same-Sex Marriage:  Why is this still an issue?  No one elses marriage should matter to you, but your own.  Grow up and get over it.  Thanks.

Education:  Please, dear lord, tell me why teachers get paid so little in comparison to many other jobs.  Years and years (and years) of education are required, they are subject to unnecessary, and
unattainable goals, and we treat them like crap.  Furthermore, can we get some funding in ECE??  THOSE teachers are also REQUIRED by some states to be highly educated, but yet they get treated like babysitters.

Gun Control:  Stupid people with guns kill people, not the guns.  Can we have Stupid people control?  In all seriousness, stricter policies on purchases are definitely in order.

Taxes:  Wealthy people should pay higher taxes.  #sorrynotsorry.  I'm a teacher, I can't afford taxes.

Terrorism:  I'm going to pass this issue off to be handled by the "First Gentleman", Eric Pilletere.

Who's going to vote for me???