Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on life in general

I know I've been waiting eagerly, yearning even, for a new post from yours truly. Well, Im alive! The Holiday season was a crazy whirlwind...lots of work to prepare for the week off i had, lots of treats from families at our school, lots of lbs gained, and a lot of family fun back east. On a side note, I didnt accomplish the number of Random Acts of Kindness I had planned, but I did get a few fun things done. Funny story, I tried to by coffee for someone at starbucks while inside and the person was confused, and pretty much refused my good deed. Lesson learned ~ tried it at the drive thru on the next go round :) I also baked cookies and left them at random neighbors doors... tried to smile more at people (instead of what I usually do; avoid any eye contact so no one will bother me). Its not much, but its a start.

So, the holidays are over, Im back at work. Reilly is WALKING! She is doing wonderfully, chatting up a storm, repeating everything, and she is just such a happy baby...excuse me, toddler. Her teachers always tell me how smart she is...but I havent decided if they are just sucking up to me b/c I'm their boss! Just Kidding! She is SUPER smart, and I know EVERYONE probably thinks that about their kid, but smart.

Eric has been home for a couple of months now, and I finally feel like we have found our groove again...and its awesome having him here and watching him with Reilly. She loves him so much! Life is good people...Life is good.