Saturday, April 2, 2011

class of '98

The other day on the radio they were talking about prom songs, so of course I started trying to remember mine. I cant be sure, but i think it was either the pretenders or billy joel. Regardless, that made me start thinking about high school and the awesome friends I had. One of the worst things that can happen in high school happened to me: I had to move and switch schools. I, honest to God, could not have thought than anything more horrible could happen to me when I had to move to a new school at 15. It really did suck for a little while but I got lucky and met some wonderful kids who group up to be equally wonderful adults. I'll admit that I really suck at keeping in touch with people, but I think about these people often. So, I'd like to thank a few of them. I'd like to thank Kate for being just generally awesome, and for liking tank girl and bio dome as much as I did. Erin for being a really great person, and for loving music and jazz choir as much as me and putting up with me yelling at rehearsals. Tyler for being one of the funniest people I have ever met, and making me laugh often. Drew for putting up with me and letting me into the group even though he thought I was a bitch at first, and for the OUTBACK! John for countless things, but mostly putting up with me and Michelle :) and Michelle for being my friend through everything. And thank you to everyone out there who has been a part of my life, even in the smallest aspect, because everything I've done, and been through, and every person I've met has made me who I am today...and I'm cool with that.