Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm back in Colorado, and its 5 below 0 here...It was 70 here while I was in NY...wtf? Anyway, the visit home was great, Reilly got to meet her grandmas, grandpas, great grandparents, cousins, & great aunts/uncles. She was WONDERFUL on both flights, and I am so grateful that I have such a good baby. :) I'd love her either way, but it makes life easier with Eric gone. Reilly and I got together with an old friend and her son, and its really amazing how your life changes when you have a kid. Everything you do and say revolves around that child. Your life is divided into two distint sections: before the baby, and after the baby. And even when you manage to have an adult conversation, one not about your kids, or their kids, you are doing "mom things" without realizing it. Bouncing your baby on your hip while you take a sip of coffee. Wiping drool/spit up/boogies off of their faces while talking about going back to work. Stopping and starting conversations based on their needs. Its a whole new world. I'm in love with this world :)