Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, after almost getting a 2 year old chocolate lab (only to have the foster "dad" decided he was adopting her instead) we have found our pup! This is Brewmaster Hopscotch, our new 7 month old black lab baby. He is so handsome and loves snuggling (and chewing!) we are so happy to finally have our dog! Now I can stop stalking the pet section of craigslist and all of the shelters in the denver area. Everyone, after hearing his name, asks "oh...well...what are you going to call him for short?" We will call him Brew, and probably a zillion other nicknames. I have already called him bruiser more than once. Anyone who knows my husband at all will not be surprised at the dogs name! LOL. Erics other choice was George Baxter Swellguy, the 3rd....so...Brewmaster doesnt sound all that weird now, does it?