Saturday, March 26, 2011

So, he is gone again. Now I'm in for the loooooong stretch...can you even imagine not seeing your husband/wife for 7.5 months straight? I cant, and its happening to me right now. The worst was when he first left (it didn't help that he left me from the hospital where I was with our brand new baby), but this time was hard because that was it....last visit, last time we see each other until this is over. I know I have to take it a day at a time. I know I have to focus on our daughter. I know I have to think positive thoughts, and I know I should stay busy. I know. But, I've always been better at giving advice than taking it (because I don't usually need it). :) I found this great quote today though, that made me feel just a tiny bit better. "Know that you too are a soldier of sorts. Take pride in knowing that very few women are woven from the kind of cloth that shrouds you. You were made strong when you were made for him." It was on the blog of a fellow army wife, and I really like it. I honestly don't think that everyone could handle this (though I do know a few military wives out there that have). I honestly don't know how I am. I guess thats the best way to describe it, really. I'm handling it. Beats the alternative I guess.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two and a Half Lunatics

I'm starting a petition to bring the death penalty back for a one time event starring.....charlie sheen. OK, we get it...your life is so hard with your fans and your own TV show and your millions of dollars. Its easy to see how you could go COMPLETELY INSANE from having it so easy. When I starred in my own TV show, well...ok, I don't have a tv show, but i do have adoring fans....if you count children under age 6 at my childcare center. And I don't have a 2 million dollar a week paycheck, but i have been known to spring for starbucks every so often, and boy that $3 cup of coffee really sends me over the edge. jeez, i think i need a drink. How crazy do you have to be to drink, do drugs, cheat on your wife with hookers, give crazy interviews, get arrested, do it all again the next week, and then think you are going to get away with it. I don't care how famous or rich you got fired Charlie!!! There obviously is a chance he is actually, legitimately crazy...however when asked about the possibility that he has bipolar disorder, he responded "Not gonna happen," "I'm bi-winning. I win here. I win there." Wow, Charlie, guess that clears that up. So fine Mr. Sheen, keep being crazy, keep thinking you have tiger blood and that the world is out to get you. Keep saying crazy things and inviting "Goddesses" to live with you and your children. I'll stay in normalville where people are accountable for their actions, make middle class wages, and are far, far superior to you. Just sayin'.

Friday, March 4, 2011

happy baby

I, for sure, have the happiest, cutest baby. She is getting bigger, cuter, more animated everyday, and I love it. I love watching her "talk" and squrim and flail, and try to suck her thumb even though she hadn't quite figured out how to get just her thumb and would end up licking her whole fist. I love watching her kick and splash in the bath tub, and I love watching her watch me when I walk to a different spot. I love the way she pinches my neck when I hold her, even though it kind of hurts. I love how, for some reason, she laughs every time I take her arms out of a shirt, and how she smiles so big when I sing and dance for her. I love dresses her in cute little girl outfits and giant headbands. I love the crazy faces I catch her making when a take a picture of her. And I really love how happy it makes Eric to see those pictures and the videos I try so hard to send. But I would REALLY love if he could see all of these things first hand. Im glad Reilly wont remember this part of our lives and doesnt have to feel what I feel. I dont want to rush my little baby through her first year, but I will be glad when Daddy is home.