Thursday, January 27, 2011

a little late, a little early

Eric and Dad have been waiting for blog took me a little longer than I would have thought/liked to get back on here. Lets get caught up...slowly. I'll start with the birth of the cutest baby in the world. Reilly wasn't due until Halloween and Eric had to leave on Oct. 11th, so I was all geared up and prepared to have the baby without him. The morning of Oct. 10th our plan was for Eric to pack all of his gear, and then just hang out and relax before I had to take him to the airport the following morning. Reilly had other plans. Eric packed all morning while I laid on the couch because I wasn't feeling great. I started to think around 1pm that "maybe" I was having contractions, but it seemed too crazy. Around 5:30pm we took a drive to the hospital "just in case". One nurse hooked me up to some monitors and said "yep, you're having contractions"...really? another came in and said "hon, your water are having your baby"....oh crap! So we were whisked up to my room, where time seemed to FLY, and when Eric left to get all of his stuff from home for his flight in morning, my contractions got bad. That was around 9pm...and I got an epidural, don't judge me. Reilly was born at 12:47am, it was a fast, easy labor with no complications even though she was 3 whole weeks early. She just wanted to see her daddy before he left. I was so unprepared to have that baby. I mean, I had my "hospital bag" packed, but mentally not ready. It happened so fast and I am so so so grateful that Eric got to be there...that was such an unexpected blessing. Now, at almost 4 months old, she is the absolute coolest thing I've ever made. Its really amazing how there are no worlds to really describe the feeling of being a mom. You have to wait till it happens to really get it. :)